The Kill Team Stabbi Collection features limited-edition, digital wearables and next-level physical apparel inspired by the collaboration between web3 streetwear brand DRx and web3 AAA gaming company Walker World.

Mint the DRx Kill Team Stabbi Collection

Each mint comes with 3 digital wearables, 3 physical wearables, and a chance to score the Kill Team Stabbi Onesie!

Simply connect your wallet below to access the groundbreaking new DRx minting process. Every Kill Team Stabbi Collection (KTSC) mint includes three (3) KTSC digital wearables: a hat, a T-shirt, and EITHER the KTSC full zip hoodie OR the coveted KTSC onesie. This mint is both revolutionary and customizable—YOU choose all of the sizes and colors of the merch within each Capsule!

Each minted digital wearable comes with a DRx Prescription which entitles you to the corresponding physical item in the DRx Drug Store. For the price of one mint you get three (3) interoperable and tradable digital wearables PLUS three (3) snuggin’ sick pieces of physical DRx apparel. As if all of that wasn’t enough, one lucky minter will receive a one-of-a-kind DRx thermal receipt, hand-drawn by Drug Receipts creator Arlo Eisenberg. This KILLER mint is to die for!

Get full KTSC details here: Everything You Need to Know

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Being a Drug Snuggler gives you access to awesome perks, like this exclusive Kill Team Stabbi drop. If you do not yet have a DRx token in your wallet, what the snug are you waiting for?!Become a Snuggler today!